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Airparks for sale throughout the united states and canada
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Our mission is to promote aviation, enhance safety and support initiatives that benefit pilots
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Listing Manager - Adding a New Listing

Step 1 Property Information

WARNING!!!! One of the most asked support questions we get is: "When I tried to add a listing it DID NOT Save!"

We have a time limit that the system can remain idle (This is for security reasons).
TIP: When you are first adding a listing there are just a few "Required Fields" which are green stars to left:

Fill out these required fields first, then hit save at the bottom! This will save your progress and the listing file, now you can go back in and fill out the rest of the fields. A lot of people will start adding a listing and take a phone call or leave their computer for a short time and when they get back to the listing it times out.

GEO Mapping your listing!
As you are filling out the listing fields in Step 1, you will get to where you can map your listing. After you enter the listings address info, simply click the "Plot on Map" button and the system automatically maps your listing for you! ALSO!!! If the system is a little off where it puts the pin, you can drag it to the exact location.

Step 2 Property Features
Step 3 Airport Assignment

In step 3 you will be adding the Airport Information to the listing! A lot of people just automatically start adding a NEW airport, before you do that try searching for the airport with the search fields. We have a huge database of airports with all the info already there, so all you have to do is select the airport as yours.

Floatplane Property! If the listing you are adding doesn't have an airport, but is Floatplane accessible choose the floatplane button at the top right!

Step 4 Photo Upload
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Fly away homes and Airparks and Fly in property, it's all aviation real estate and can be found on aviation acres
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